About us

LedZed International, based in Finland, has developed a broad range of LED lights with significant technical superiority - longer lasting, cost saving bulbs that emit approximately twice the amount of light power (lumens per watt) than competitive LED products.

LED lights have been in the market for over ten years but have not been bright enough to be used for general lighting in homes or businesses. This has restricted them to predominantly decorative use despite being in the order of seven to ten times more energy efficient than traditional incandescent lights. The major challenge has been to gain sufficient light power without generating heat, which significantly compromises the lifetime of the LED light. This is where LedZed steps in.

LedZed has spent the past three years developing a broad range (currently 17 different lights) of high light power LED lights for indoor retrofit and new build use as well as for outdoor applications such as street and petrol station lighting. The new LedZed semi-conductor and light design enables sufficient light power to be developed so that a general lighting market opportunity is possible without compromising the significant energy savings and long life (up to 50,000 hours or 5.7 years of continuous use) possible using LED. For indoor applications, LedZed has developed a range of LED lights with the capacity to replace approximately 70% of existing indoor lights. Product development has occurred under contract with a number of Finnish based research and technology companies.

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