• Quality - technically superior LED products
  • Economy - tangible ongoing cost savings
  • Green - reduced environmental impact

1.   Quality

  • Produce more light power (lumens) for the same amount of power consumed (watts) with a longer lifetime (hours)
  • Achieved by measuring the ability of a light source to represent a colour of an object compared to the sun: the higher the index, the "warmer" the light (as represented in the RA index)
  • Can produce the same luminous intensity (lumens) as major competitors but at roughly half the energy consumption (watts) with a longer life (hours) and better light quality (RA index)
  • Can produce roughly twice the luminous intensity for the same energy consumption but still with longer life and better light quality

2.   Economy

LED technology has significant cost benefits due to the combination of its low energy use and long life.

As LedZed lights use only one tenth of the energy that regular light bulbs do, electricity savings are immediate.

3.   Green

LED lighting consumes less energy and decrease carbon dioxide emissions. LedZed lights do not contain mercury and so do not add to the toxic waste load.

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