In 1879 an American inventor named Thomas Alva Edison brought light bulbs in to the open market. This light bulb technology is based on incandescent filaments. The filament breaks easily and is rather short-lived. Only 5% of the electricity they use is transformed in to light and the rest produces heat.

Because of the many disadvantages of light bulbs new illumination techniques have been developed. These include the compact fluorescent lamps. They are, however, a biohazard because of the mercury they contain. The latest innovation is LED lights which save the most energy of all illumination systems and does not contain hazardous waste to the environment. This has been made possible by the white LED (Light Emitting Diode) developed by the Millennium Award winner Shuji Nakamura. LEDs can be used both for dim and bright lighting.

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  Energy bulbs Aluminium profiles Outdoor lights
  Candle lamps Strip lights Street lights
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